Alabama Speeding Ticket Fines

Learn how much an Alabama speeding ticket costs

Alabama speeding ticket

Getting a speeding ticket in Alabama isn’t something anyone wants to experience or go through, but unfortunately it happens to many of us at sometime of another. If you do get a speeding ticket it is important to understand how much the ticket is likely to cost so you can decide what steps you will take. Remember that in many cases, not only will you have to pay the speeding ticket cost but you will also have to pay higher insurance rates for the next five years. If you have a $100 a month policy and you get your first speeding ticket, the average increase is 20%. That means you will pay an extra $1200 in insurance costs for that one speeding ticket over the next five years. You can avoid that extra cost by taking Alabama traffic school and getting your ticket dismissed.

Find Out the Cost of An Arizona Speeding Ticket
  • Speeding 85 mph and below: $164.00
  • Speeding 86-89 mph at rate of $1.00 per mile + cost of $134.00, ex. $86 + $129 = $220.00
  • Speeding 90 to 99 mph: $344.00