Alabama Traffic Citation Codes

Understand the Alabama Traffic Citation Codes written on your ticket

Alabama Traffic Citations

Driving while under influence of alcohol, controlled substances

Driving without a license

Driving without proper auto insurance. Driving with insufficient auto insurance

Illegal U-Turn

Speeding violation

Speeding violation

Running a stop sign or running a red light

Accidents involving death or personal injury

Duty to give information and render aid

Duty upon striking an unattended vehicle

Immediate report of accidents

Penalty for violation of sections 32-10-1 though 32-10-5

Written report of accidents

Accident report forms

Seatbelt and/or child restraint violations

Reckless driving

Driving without registration or with an expired registration

Leaving the scene of an accident and/or hit and run

Mechanical violations, unlawful vehicle modifications, illegal window tinting