Arizona Traffic Citation Codes

Find your Arizona Traffic Citation Codes and understand what your ticket is for

Arizona Traffic Citations

Failure obey the instructions of an official traffic control device applicable

Driving over or across or park in any part of a gore area

Not obeying the rules of a traffic signal device

Not obeying the Pedestrian walk signals

Failure to follow illuminated flashing red or yellow signal is used in a traffic sign or signal device:

Failure to follow flashing yellow light device:

Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings

Interference with official traffic control device or railroad sign or signal; possession of traffic preemption emitter; classification; definition

Failure to follow Warning devices at construction sites

Use of private property to avoid traffic control device prohibited

Reasonable and prudent speed; prima facie evidence; exceptions

Exceeding state highway speed limits

Failure to follow alteration of speed limits by local authority

Failure to follow Minimum speed limits; requirement to turn off roadway

Racing on highways