Arkansas speeding ticket

For most of us, at some time or another we are the recipients of an Arkansas speeding ticket. Maybe we were running late for work, late for a date, or just not paying attention to the speed limit – whatever the reason one of the first things we want to know is just how expensive our speeding ticket will be. In Arkansas, speeding tickets sometimes vary in cost by county, but you can find the averages below. In addition to the cost of the speeding ticket, in most cases you will have to pay court fees as well, which can add another $100 to the ticket cost. Unfortunately points will also be added to your driving record which in many cases increase car insurance premiums. If you want to avoid having points on your record and have your ticket dismissed, you should consider taking Arkansas traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of An Arkansas Speeding Ticket
  • 1st Arkansas speeding ticket:Not more than $100
  • 2nd Arkansas speeding ticket(within 1 year): Not more than $200
  • 3rd or subsequent Arkansas speeding ticket(within 1 year):Not more than $500
  • Speeding in School Zone, 1st offense:$25 to $100
  • Speeding in School Zone, 2nd offense:(within 1 year):$50 to $250
  • Speeding in School Zone, 3rd or subsequent offense(within 1 year): $250
  • Speeding in a work/construction zone: Fine is doubled