Dismiss Speeding Tickets

Learn how to easily dismiss a speeding ticket in your state

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Seeing that a speeding ticket can stay on your record for years to come and also dramatically increase your auto insurance rates, dismissing your speeding ticket can be very important. Surprisingly, it is actually quite easy to dismiss your ticket by using as state approved traffic school or defensive driving course. In most states, the court will allow you to take one of these a traffic school course to dismiss you ticket. When you complete the course successfully and send in your certificate of completion, no points will be added to your driving record and your insurance rates will not increase. The long term benefits of having a clean driving record are many and dismissing a speeding ticket is a great way to retain that record.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dismissing a Ticket

The cost of traffic school to dismiss a ticket can vary greatly from state to state. In most states it costs somewhere between $25-$50 for most traffic school and defensive driving courses. To learn exactly how much it costs in your state, visit your state dismiss a ticket page.

Each and every state has it’s own rules and regulations regarding how long a traffic school course will last. With that said, most courses are around 4 hours. Many people report that when they take an online traffic school course, they can finish faster, especially if they are familiar with the laws in their state.

Taking a traffic school course has many benefits for someone who has received a speeding ticket or traffic ticket. The first and usually most important benefit is that when you complete the course successfully, you will not receive points on your driving record and therefore not see your insurance rates rise. Additionally, taking a traffic school course will help you refresh your knowledge of safe driving, which can help you avoid accidents and tickets in the future. Finally, completing a traffic school course may help you maintain your clean driving record which usually results in multiple discounts from insurance companies.

Yes, and in fact it can be a very smart thing to do for many people. Many insurance companies will reward drivers who complete a traffic school course successfully with a discount of up to 15% on their car insurance rates. That can be over a $150 annual savings on average for taking a quick, fun, and simple course. If you would like to take an insurance discount traffic school course, first call your insurance company to find out if they will accept the course, then register. When you finish the course, send your completion certificate into your insurer.

There are many benefits to using an online course instead of an in person course to dismiss your speeding ticket. First and foremost, when you dismiss your ticket online, you can set your own schedule and complete the course at your own pace. You are able to sign in and out as you please. Additionally, you do not have to spend time and money traveling to and from a brick and mortar traffic school class. Finally, many people report that online traffic school courses, like the one we recommend, are much more interesting, entertaining, and quicker than traditional course.