Fight Speeding Tickets in Your State

Learn your options for fighting a speeding ticket in your state

If you received a speeding ticket or traffic ticket, you have many options other than simply paying the ticket. One of those options is to fight your ticket either in court or through a trial by written declaration. According to most experts, over 50% of people win when they fight their speeding tickets, and this percentage goes up when you hire a professional to assist you. The benefits of fighting a speeding ticket are many, but the greatest is that when you are found not guilty, there is no speeding ticket fine, insurance increases, or points on your record. Also, in most states, if you try to fight your ticket and do not win, you can still take a traffic school course to dismiss the ticket and avoid insurance rate hikes. Other than the time it takes to fight the ticket, there really aren’t too many downsides to trying.

Fight a Speeding Ticket in Court on Your Own

The first option, and the most affordable one, is to fight your speeding ticket on your own in court. All you have to do in most states is show up on the court date on your ticket and be prepared to fight your case. Always make sure you come prepared with your defense and any evidence ready. There are some things that can cause automatic dismissal, like if the officer doesn’t show up or if there were errors on the speeding ticket itself. However, many times you will need to present your case to the judge so make sure to be prepared.

Fight a Speeding Ticket With the Help of a Professional

The second option is to hire a professional. This normally increases your odds of winning substantially and actually isn’t too expensive. Most people either hire a lawyer or a ticket fighting agency, and they will work with you to prepare for the court case. In many cases, they are able to take care of the ticket without ever stepping foot into a court room.

Fight a Speeding Ticket Using Trial by Declaration

The last way to fight a speeding ticket is by using trial by declation. Trial by declaration is only available is some states and is a way to fight your ticket without having to show up in court. You prepare a written defense, either on your own or with a professional, and send it into the court with the citation. From there, a judge will read the case and make a determination if you are guilty or not guilty. Many people find this is an effective and hassle free way to fight a ticket.

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