Fight Speeding Tickets

Learn how to fight a speeding ticket and win

Many people are scared to fight a ticket in court, but in fact, 50% of people win when they fight a ticket. You have a few different options to fight your ticket including doing it on your own, hiring a lawyer or ticket fighting agency, or by using trial by declaration if it is available in your state. No matter what path you choose to fight your ticket, if you win, your ticket will be completely erased and there will be no fines to pay or points added to your driving record. Also, in many states if you lose your case, you can still take traffic school to dismiss your speeding ticket. That means, other than time, you have nothing to lose by trying to beat your ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fighting A Ticket

Absolutely! According to most research over 50% win their court cases when they fight their ticket. This number is believed to be even higher when you use a professional ticket fighting agency or lawyer who has experience fighting and beating a ticket. These professional aids also are not as expensive as people think and many start for as low as $75. Compared to the long term cost of a speeding ticket and insurance rates, that is relatively inexpensive.

It actually is much less expensive than many people think to hire a lawyer or professional ticket fighting agency to beat your ticket. You can find professional help for as little as $75 in many cases. It can be smart to use a professional with experience because they will know exactly what to do to beat your ticket and win. Many times these agencies can fight your ticket without every stepping foot in a courtroom.

There are actually lots of reasons that people win their cases when they fight a ticket. Perhaps the most well known reason is when the officer who wrote your ticket doesn’t show up for court. Additionally, if you have evidence that you were not speeding or that the conditions were different than what is written on the ticket, you can win. Finally, many professional ticket fighting agencies and lawyers know exactly how to prepare a case that will win for your particular ticket. They can fight it before ever having to go to a courtroom and win in many cases.

Trial by Declaration is an option available in many states that allows you to fight your ticket by writing. To fight your ticket using this method, you prepare a written case that you send into the court. From there a judge makes a decision about whether you are guilty or innocent. In many cases, trial by declaration, is a method that lawyers and ticket fighting agencies use successfully to fight a ticket without having to go to court.

There are a few different ways to fight your ticket depending on what state you live in. The most common way to fight a speeding ticket is to show up in court on the day listed on your ticket, and present your case on your own to the judge. You can also hire a lawyer or ticket fighting agency to do this for you. The second option is to use Trial By Declaration, basically a written defense, that you would send in before your court date. This option is also something you can complete on your own or with professional assistance.