How to Calculate How Much a Speeding Ticket Costs

Learn exactly how much your speeding ticket will cost


Anyone who has ever gotten a speeding ticket knows that it is surprisingly difficult to actually calculate how much your speeding ticket will cost. Many times the speeding ticket fine can’t be found on the ticket and it can be hard to even figure out exactly what violations you were pulled over for. However, with a little work it is possible to calculate how much your speeding ticket costs so you can determine what actions you are going to take. Many people decide to dismiss their ticket or fight their speeding ticket once they understand just how expensive it can be.

Step 1: Understand Exactly What You Have Been Cited For

The first thing you always need to do is understand exactly what you were cited for. You will want to find the citation codes on your ticket, and any extra violations that may be listed like speeding in a construction zone, school zone, or traveling at dangerous speeds.

Step 2: Determine the Location of the Speeding Ticket

The next step you will need to take is determine exactly where you were given the speeding ticket. Since many times the cost of speeding tickets can differ from county to county, and even city to city, you need to know the exact state, county, and city where you got the ticket.

Step 3: Check the Court Website

Many courts and cities have started to build websites that allow you to calculate the exact cost of your ticket, as well as any processing fees. The website information is usually located on the ticket itself. These speeding ticket calculators normally will ask for the citation number(s) and then calculate the exact cost. If there isn’t a calculator, sometimes you can find the citation number and the accompanying fee on their website.

Step 4: Contact Your County Clerk’s Office

If your court does not have a website that lists the cost of the speeding ticket, then the easiest way to find out the exact cost of the speeding ticket is to call or visit the County Clerk’s office. They will be able to provide with the exact cost so you can make a decision about how to move forward.