How to Pay a Speeding Ticket Online

Your guide to paying your speeding ticket online


Although no one wants to get a speeding ticket, or pay it, it happens to many of us. If after weighing the pros and cons of simply paying your ticket, you have decided you just want to pay it and move on, you have a few options in most states from paying it online, by mail, or in person at the court house. When you are paying a ticket, regardless of how, make sure to pay the ticket by the due date listed. In many states there are serious late fees if the ticket is not paid on time, and sometimes a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest.

Paying Your Speeding Ticket Online

When you pay your speeding ticket online, you are essentially pleading guilty to the ticket. This means that you will have points added to your record and likely your insurance rates will increase. The website, if available, to pay your speeding ticket online will be located on the ticket itself. Once you enter the citation number, the total ticket cost including any administrative fees, will be shown and you will need to enter a credit or debit card to finish the payment.

Paying Your Speeding Ticket By Mail

If you decide to pay your speeding ticket by mail, in many cases you will need to call the County Clerk’s office or the number provided on the ticket to find out the exact speeding ticket fine. Once you know that amount, you will need to send a check into the address provided by the due date provided. Make sure to allow time for the mail to arrive so that you are not charged a late fee. mailing in your speeding ticket payment is the same as pleading guilty, so you will have points added to your record and your insurance rates will go up.

Paying Your Speeding Ticket at the Court

You can also pay your speeding ticket by going to the courthouse and paying in person. This can be the best way to pay your ticket if you are very close to the deadline and do not want to risk late fees or penalties. Again, when you pay the speeding ticket at the courthouse, you are admitting guilt and there will be insurance rate increases and points added to your record in most cases.