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Understand the Idaho Points System

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Everybody dreads viewing blinking law enforcement lights in their rearview mirror and being written a traffic violation, nonetheless it happens to many people. It’s very important to be aware of how many points will be put onto your record if you receive a traffic citation since it will affect your monthly vehicle insurance payments. When you know these details, you are able to a better choice about how exactly to move forward. For most cases, you will find three choices to take care of a traffic ticket- pay it, take traffic school online and dismiss it, or battle it in court. The info below will help you better understand the point system where you live and assess the number of points you’ll receive for the citation.

Idaho Traffic Ticket Points
  • Starting a parked vehicle (Code 49-603): 2 points
  • Limitation on backing (Code 49-604): 1 points
  • Drivers to exercise due care (Code 49-615): 3 points
  • Driving through safety zone prohibited (Code 49-616): 2 points
  • Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency police vehicles(Code 49-625): 3 points
  • Drive on right side of roadway exceptions (Code 49-630): 3 points
  • Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions (Code 49-631): 2 points
  • Overtaking a vehicle on the left (Code 49-632): 3 points
  • When passing on right is permitted (Code 49-633): 2 points
  • Limitations on overtaking on the left (Code 49-634): 3 points
  • Further limitations on driving on the left of the center of a highway (Code 49-635): 3 points
  • One-way highways (Code 49-636): 1 points
  • Driving on highways marked for traffic (Code 49-637): 1 points
  • Following too closely (Code 49-638): 3 points
  • Vehicle approaching or entering unmarked/uncontrolled intersection (Code 49-640): 3 points
  • Vehicle turning left (Code 49-641): 3 points
  • Vehicle entering highway (Code 49-642): 3 points
  • Required position and method of turning (Code 49-644): 3 points
  • Limitations on turning around (Code 49-645): 3 points
  • Obedience to a signal indicating the approach of a train (Code 49-648): 4 points
  • Compliance with stopping requirements at all railroad grades (Code 49-649) 4 points
  • Emerging from an alley, driveway, or building (Code 49-651): 3 points
  • Basic rule and maximum speed limits* (Code 49-654): 3 or 4 points
  • Minimum speed regulation (Code 49-655): 3 points
  • Special speed limitations* (Code 49-656): 3 or 4 points
  • Construction danger zone speed limits (Code 49-657): 3 points
  • Pedestrian’s Right-of-way in a crosswalk (Code 49-702): 3 points
  • Obedience to and required traffic control devices (Code 49-801): 3 points
  • Traffic control signal legend (Code 49-802): 3 points
  • Flashing signals (Code 49-804): 3 points
  • Stop signs (Code 49-807(2)): 3 points
  • Failure to yield?signed intersection (Code 49-807(3)): 3 points
  • Turning movement and required signals (Code 49-808): 3 points
  • Duty to give information in accident involving damage to a vehicle (Code 49-1302): 4 points
  • Duty upon striking unattended vehicle (Code 49-1303): 4 points
  • Duty upon striking fixtures upon, or adjacent to, a highway (Code 49-1304): 4 points
  • Inattentive driving (Code 49-1401(3)): 3 points
  • Obedience to traffic direction (Code 49-1419): 2 points
  • Driving on divided highways (Code 49-1421(1)): 1 points
  • Restricted access (Code 49-1421(2)): 1 points
  • Overtaking and passing a school bus (Code 49-1422): 4 points
  • Racing on public highways (Code 49-1424): 4 points
  • Exhibition of speed (Code 49-1424): 4 points
  • Excessive acceleration (Code 49-1424): 4 points
Dismiss Your Idaho Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

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