Illinois Traffic Ticket Fines

If you are the unfortunate recipient of an Illinois traffic ticket you are probably tying to figure out just how much the Illinois traffic ticket will cost. The costs can vary by county in some cases, but generally are close to the prices listed below. On top of the fine, also expect to pay additional court fees and a more expensive car insurance rate. To lower your speeding ticket fine, avoid points on your record, and avoid insurance rate increases, you should consider taking Illinois traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of An Illinois Traffic Ticket
  • No seat belt (failure to wear safety restraint): $65
  • Expired license plates (improper registration): $75
  • Failure to signal: $75
  • Failure to yield to oncoming traffic: $75
  • Improper passing on the left: $75
  • Improper traffic lane usage (ILU): $75
  • Improper passing on the shoulder: $75
  • Failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident: $75
  • Disregarding an official traffic control device (running red light or failure to stop at stop sign): $75
  • Unsafe backing on a roadway: $75
  • Defective windshield (cracked windshield): $75
  • Speeding 9-19 mph over the limit: $55+
  • Speeding 20 mph over the limit: 120+
  • Speeding 21-29 mph over the limit: $140+
  • Speeding 30-29 mph over the limit: up to $1500
  • Speeding 40+ mph over the limit: up to $2500