Indiana Speeding Ticket Fines

Speeding ticket fines in Indiana are normally determined by county and in many cases you have to call in to the county clerk’s office to find out your exact speeding ticket amount. However, you can find the common fines for speeding tickets below. On top of the speeding ticket fine, you will normally also have to pay court fees and your insurance premiums will increase. To potentially lower your speeding ticket fine, avoid points on your record, and avoid insurance rate increases, you should consider taking Indiana online traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of An Indiana Speeding Ticket
  • Speeding, 1-15 MPH over the limit: $139.50
  • Speeding, 16-25 MPH over the limit: $149.50
  • Speeding, 26+ MPH over the limit: $164.50
  • Speeding, “Secondary Artery” Violation: $164.50