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Understand the Kentucky Points System

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Sad to say many of us obtain a traffic ticket at some time or another in our lives. In case you do, probably the most essential things you can do should be to learn how many points the traffic citation will add to your driver’s record due to the fact getting points against your driving record raises your monthly insurance monthly premiums. This will help make the right choice on how to move forward with your violation. In most cases, you can find three options to deal with a traffic violation- pay it, use traffic school online and dismiss it, or fight it in court. Makes use of the information below to better understand the point system in your state and just how many points the traffic violation will add to your driver record.

Kentucky Traffic Ticket Points
  • Driving 10 mph or less over speed limit on limited-access highway (you will pay a fine if convicted): 0 points
  • Out-of-state conviction of driving 15 mph or more over the speed limit in a commercial motor vehicle: 0 points
  • Driving 16 to 25 mph over speed the limit on any road or highway: 6 points
  • Commission of hazardous moving violation involving an accident: 6 points
  • Combination of any two or more hazardous moving violations in any one continuous occurrence: 6 points
  • Failing to stop for a school or church bus: 6 points
  • Improper passing: 5 points
  • Driving recklessly: 4 points
  • Following too closely: 4 points
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road: 4 points
  • Changing drivers in a moving vehicle: 4 points
  • Not having control of the vehicle: 4 points
  • Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle: 4 points
  • Driving 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit on a limited-access highway: 3 points
  • Driving 15 mph or less over the speed limit on any non-limited access highway: 3 points
  • Driving 15 mph over speed limit in a commercial motor vehicle: 3 points
  • Stop violations (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign): 3 points
  • Failing to yield, including failing to yield right-of-way to a funeral procession: 3 points
  • Driving the wrong direction on a one-way street: 3 points
  • Driving too fast/slow for conditions: 3 points
  • Improper driving, starting, turning: 3 points
  • Failing to illuminate/dim headlights: 3 points
  • Driving carelessly: 3 points
  • Improper lane usage, including improper left lane/limited-access highway usage: 3 points
  • Failing to comply with instructional permit requirements/regulations: 3 points
  • Any other hazardous moving violations: 3 points
Dismiss Your Kentucky Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

One choice for coping with your traffic ticket without the problem of court is usually to use an online traffic school training course. Lasting between 4-8 hours, an online traffic school training course is often taken from home. When you compare the rise in your car insurance policy and the cost of online traffic school, traffic school is usually the more effective choice. Read more about online traffic school or enroll below.

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