Massachusetts Speeding Ticket

Learn about your Massachusetts Speeding Ticket, points, and how to dismiss a MA speeding ticket

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Nobody wants to receive a speeding ticket but at some time or another a lot of people do. And when you receive a Massachusetts speeding ticket, the effects extend beyond just having to pay a fee. Among the first secret expenses is the fine. Generally there are also processing and court fees which could add over $100 to the expense of the speeding citation. On top of that, when you are given a Massachusetts speeding ticket, points are added onto your driving record. Getting these points added to your driving record will lead to more costly premiums. In reality, based on current data, just one speeding ticket can raise your insurance costs by in excess of 20% and having three speeding or traffic citations on your record, can raise your car insurance rates by as much as 50%. Pair that with the reality that speeding tickets stay on your driver record for five years and this gets very expensive.

Massachusetts Speeding Tickets and Points

The Registry of Motor Vehicles, commonly known as a Registry, uses the Safe Driver Improvement Program to monitor the citations that someone gets as well as determine insurance premium rates. Within the system, drivers accumulate surchargeable points when they get traffic tickets that affect their insurance rates. Also, your license can be suspended if you collect too many tickets. The information below shows common surchargeable points in Massachusetts.

  • Major Traffic Violation (i.e., D.U.I.): 5 points
  • Major At-Fault Accident (claim over $2,000): 4 points
  • Minor At-Fault Accident (claim over $500 to $2,000): 3 points
  • Minor Traffic Violation (i.e., speeding): 2 points

When you’re stopped many times in a year, your Massachusetts’s license could be suspended or revoked. Your Massachusetts driver’s license might be suspended based on the points listed below.

  • 3 speeding violations within 1 year: 30 day suspension
  • 5 surchargeable events within 3 years: Mandatory Driving Retraining Program
  • 5 surchargeable events within 3 years: 60 day suspension
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To verify you concluded the course, you are going to get a completion certificate You will have to bring the completion certificate to the court.