Michigan Speeding Ticket Fines

Did you get a Michigan speeding ticket? The fines for Michigan speeding tickets can be very expensive and additionally they add points to your driver’s record which drives up your car insurance rates. Moreover, many us find out when we try to pay our tickets that there are also additional court fees. However, you do not have to just pay, you have other options. To potentially lower your speeding ticket fine, avoid points on your record, and avoid insurance rate increases, you should consider taking Michigan online traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of A Michigan Speeding Ticket
  • Speeding, 1-5 mph over limit: $90.00
  • Speeding, 6-10 mph over limit: $105.00
  • Speeding, 11-15 mph over limit: $120.00
  • Speeding, 16-25 mph over limit: $140.00
  • Speeding, 26+ mph over limit: $155.00 + $4.00 per mile over the limit
  • Speeding, Violation of Basic Speed Law: $90.00
  • Speeding, Drove below minimum speed: $90.00