Michigan Speeding Ticket

Learn about your Michigan Speeding Ticket, points, and how to dismiss a MI speeding ticket

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Looking At the flashing lights of a police vehicle and receiving a speeding ticket is definitely the worst. Yet 1 in 6 individuals receive a traffic ticket each year. The fines and effects extend further than the fine that is assessed to the Michigan speeding ticket. The initial consequence would be the fine itself, which most of the time ends up becoming a good deal more than the fine that written on the speeding ticket. Generally there are processing and court fees that may add over $100 to the cost of the speeding ticket. Furthermore, in Michigan, whenever you are given a speeding citation you’re going to get points on your driver record. Getting these points added to your driver record will result in more pricey premiums. This actually can mean a 20% increase on car insurance rates when you get just one single speeding citation and also a 50% increase if you have three tickets. Seeing as points stay on your Michigan driving record for 5 years, receiving even a single speeding ticket is rather pricey.

Michigan Speeding Ticket and Points

Like numerous states, Michigan started a point system to keep an eye on speeding tickets and other traffic infractions. The consequences within this system for accumulating too many points are more expensive insurance payments and occasionally license suspension. Find out more about points and Michigan speeding tickets below.

  • 10 mph or less over the legal speed limit: 2 points
  • 11-15 mph over the legal speed limit: 3 points
  • 16 mph or more over the legal speed limit: 4 points
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How to Enroll in Michigan Traffic School

Signing Up for a Michigan state approved traffic school can be quite easy. Your traffic citation is going to be dismissed when you comply with these easy steps so you won’t need to worry about your insurance premiums growing.

Step 1: Contact the Court

Get the info on your traffic violation for getting in touch with the court and phone to inquire about permission to use traffic school to dismiss your citation.

Step 2: Find a DMV Approved Michigan Traffic School

Choose a DMV authorized Michigan traffic school program. People today generally opt for an online traffic school program since it can be taken from their home and they also are able to use it on their own timetable. Then just register for the course with the information from the ticket.

Step 3:Complete the Traffic School Course

Then just finish the training course for the traffic school. Using our recommended Michigan online traffic school program you can take the course from the convenience of your own home, on any computer, and sign in and out as you please. Also, you will be able to take the final exam as many times as you need until you pass.

Step 4: Deliver Your Traffic School Certificate of Completion

Whenever you finish the traffic school course, you will get a completion certificate. Dependent upon the specific guidelines on your traffic ticket you will either need to mail this to the court or bring this to the court.