Mississippi Traffic Ticket

Understand the consequences of a Mississippi Traffic Ticket

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The sad fact is that practically every person gets a traffic ticket at some time or another. Because different traffic tickets add a different number of points on your driving record, it is very important understand specifically the quantity of points a violation will add so that you can understand the impact on your vehicle insurance costs and record. Making the decision of how to proceed with your traffic citation is simpler using this info. Then you’re able to choose to just pay the ticket, fight it in court, or use traffic school and dismiss it. The information listed below will allow you to better understand the point system where you live and evaluate how many points you’ll get for your ticket.

Mississippi Traffic Ticket Points

Unlike many states, Mississippi does not use a point system to monitor and track its drivers. Instead, the state of Mississippi records any traffic tickets or citations on your record and there are consequences for accumulating too many. Understand the consequences for accumulating Mississippi traffic tickets below:

  • Possible driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Increased auto insurance premium costs
  • Tickets are added to your record which current or future employer’s can access.
Dismiss Your Mississippi Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

One choice for attending to your traffic citation without the headache of court would be to use an online traffic school course. Lasting between 4-8 hrs, an online traffic school training course is usually utilized from home. Using traffic school to dismiss your violation is going to be way less expensive compared to insurance plan premium increases you’d otherwise pay. Find out about online traffic school as well as enroll below.

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