North Carolina Speeding Ticket Fines

North Carolina’s speeding ticket system and penalties vary by county and speeding ticket offense and therefore fines will vary substantially. In addition to fines you can also expect court fees and insurance premium rate increases. Points on your North Carolina driving record from a NC speeding ticket can increase insurance rates by over 25% for just one point and more than double it for lots of points. However there are ways to avoid those costs. To potentially lower your traffic ticket fine, avoid points on your record, and avoid insurance rate increases, you should consider taking North Carolina online traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of A North Carolina Speeding Ticket
  • Speeding in a Highway Work Zone: $250 mandatory plus speeding ticket fees
  • Speeding Infraction: Not more than $100
  • Speeding Class 2 Misdemeanor: Not more than $1000
  • Speeding Class 3 Misdemeanor: Not more than $200