North Carolina Traffic  Ticket Fines

Getting a North Carolina traffic ticket isn’t something that anyone wants to experience but for many of us it is a reality at some point or another in our lives. Traffic tickets in NC vary in price according to county, severity of infraction, and driving record. In addition you can expect to pay more expensive insurance premiums and court fees for any ticket. However there are ways to avoid those costs. To potentially lower your traffic ticket fine, avoid points on your record, and avoid insurance rate increases, you should consider taking North Carolina online traffic school.

Find Out the Cost of A North Carolina Traffic Ticket
  • Traffic infractions like failure to yield, illegal u-turn, improper passing: fines vary by county and driving record
  • Speeding in a Highway Work Zone: $250 mandatory plus speeding ticket fees
  • Speeding Infraction: Not more than $100
  • Speeding Class 2 Misdemeanor: Not more than $1000
  • Speeding Class 3 Misdemeanor: Not more than $200