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Understand the Ohio Points System

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The unfortunate truth is that pretty much all people receives a traffic citation at some point or another. Given That different traffic tickets add a different quantity of points to your driving record, you should know precisely the amount of points a citation will add in order to understand the affect on your vehicle insurance rates and record. Finding Out this information will enable you to decide how to take care of your violation. You may then decide to just pay the ticket, argue it in court, or use traffic school and dismiss it. Utilize the info underneath to better understand the point system where you live and just how many points the traffic ticket will add to your driver record

Ohio Traffic Ticket
  • Homicide by vehicle: 6 points
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or any drug of abuse: 6 points
  • Failure to stop and disclose identity at the scene of a collision: 6 points
  • Willingly fleeing or eluding a law enforcement officer: 6 points
  • Racing: 6 points
  • Operating a vehicle without the consent of the owner: 6 points
  • Operating a vehicle while an operator license is under suspension or revocation: 6 points
  • Using a vehicle in the commission of a felony, or committing any crime punishable as a felony under Ohio motor vehicle laws: 6 points
  • Willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property: 4 points
  • All moving violations and some speed offenses: 2 points
  • Operating a motor vehicle in violation of a restriction imposed by the Registrar of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: 2 points
  • Exceeding any speed limit by 30 mph or more: 4 points
  • If the speed limit is 55 mph or more, exceeding the limit by more than 10 but less than 30 mph: 2 points
  • If the speed limit is less than 55 mph, exceeding the limit by more than five but less than 30 mph: 2 points
  • Exceeding any speed limit in an amount less than stated above: 0 points
Dismiss Your Ohio Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

Using online traffic school is the best way to dismiss your violation without wasting money and time fighting it in court. The advantage of taking online traffic school is that it can be taken at home at your own schedule. Using traffic school to dismiss your violation will be much less expensive compared to insurance coverage premium raises you’d otherwise pay. Find out more about online traffic school or sign up below.

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