Rhode Island Traffic Ticket

Understand the consequences of a Rhode Island Traffic Ticket

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Regrettably many people get a traffic ticket at some time or another in our lives. Knowing just how many points will be put onto your driving record is vital since those points affect your monthly car insurance policy payments and remain on your driving record for years. When you know these details, you are able to a much better determination about how exactly to move ahead. Next you have three choices to take care of your citation- paying it, dismissing it with traffic school, or fighting it in court. Find out how many points will be added to your driver’s record using the information underneath about your state’s point system.

Rhode Island Traffic Ticket Points

Unlike many states, Rhode Island does not use a point system to monitor and track its drivers. Instead, the state of Rhode Island records any traffic tickets or citations on your record and there are consequences for accumulating too many. Understand the consequences for accumulating Rhode Island traffic tickets below:

  • Possible driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Increased auto insurance premium costs
  • Tickets are added to your record which current or future employer’s can access.
Dismiss Your Rhode Island Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

Many individuals have no idea you can take traffic school online to dismiss your traffic violation. Courses are easy to complete, normally take between 4-8 hrs, and can be used from any computer. These programs cost significantly less than the ticket and auto insurance premiums that you’ll experience for many years to come. Learn all about online traffic school below by looking at the training course.

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