South Carolina Speeding Ticket

Learn about your South Carolina Speeding Ticket, points, and how to dismiss an SC speeding ticket

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Receiving a speeding ticket is rarely an enjoyable experience, yet still one in six folks receive a speeding citation or traffic citation annually. What’s more, the fee on the South Carolina speeding ticket is only the start of the penalties that you will have to cope with. The court and processing service fees that come with the fine will set you back over $100 in addition to the speeding citation fine. On top of that, in South Carolina, if you obtain a speeding citation you will definitely get points added onto your driver record. These points will raise your auto insurance payments. Just for a single speeding citation this will indicate a 20% rise in car insurance monthly premiums and for a person with three speeding tickets, your car insurance rates can increase by over 50%. Pair that with the fact speeding tickets stay with your record for five years and this will become particularly costly.

South Carolina Speeding Ticket and Points

Like a lot of states, South Carolina set up a point system to manage speeding tickets and various traffic citations. Through this system, when you obtain points, your car or truck insurance rates raise and sometimes you may be in danger of sacrificing your license. Find out more about points and South Carolina speeding tickets below.

  • Speeding 25 mph or more above posted limit: 6 points
  • Speeding more than 10 mph, but less than 25 mph: 4 points
  • Driving too fast for conditions, over 10 mph: 4 points
  • Speeding 10 mph or less: 2 points
  • Driving too fast for conditions, 10 mph or less: 2 points
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How to Enroll in South Carolina Traffic School

Locating a state permitted South Carolina traffic school and enrolling in it can be simple. Stick to these steps to dismiss your ticket, avoid points on your driving history, and ensure your insurance premiums don’t increase.

Step 1: Contact the Court

Call the court that you were given your traffic ticket to determine if you’re able to use traffic school to dismiss your traffic citation. This type of vital information will probably be on the traffic ticket itself.

Step 2: Find a DMV Approved South Carolina Traffic School

Next you will have to choose a state authorized traffic school. Due to their convenience, the majority of folks choose to use online traffic school training. Register for the course with your own individual and ticket information.

Step 3:Complete the Traffic School Course

Complete the course ahead of the deadline on your violation. Using our recommended South Carolina online traffic school program you can take the course from the convenience of your own home, on any computer, and sign in and out as you please. Also, you will be able to take the final exam as many times as you need until you pass.

Step 4: Deliver Your Traffic School Certificate of Completion

Once you finish the program, you’ll get a certificate of completion to dismiss your citation. The last step is delivering this certificate of completion to the court.