South Dakota Traffic Ticket

Understand the consequences of a South Dakota Traffic Ticket

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Receiving a speeding ticket after looking at flashing blue lights in the mirror is not enjoyable, nonetheless it happens to everyone. It is very important to know how many points will be put onto your driver record if you have a traffic citation since it will have an affect on your monthly car insurance monthly premiums. Knowing this information will help you choose how to deal with your ticket. Then you can choose to just pay the ticket, beat it in court, or use traffic school and dismiss it. Utilize the info below to better understand the point system in your state and just how many points the traffic citation will add to your record.

South Dakota Traffic Ticket Points

Unlike many states, South Dakota does not use a point system to monitor and track its drivers. Instead, the state of South Dakota records any traffic tickets or citations on your record and there are consequences for accumulating too many. Understand the consequences for accumulating South Dakota traffic tickets below:

  • Possible driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Increased auto insurance premium costs
  • Tickets are added to your record which current or future employer’s can access.
Dismiss Your South Dakota Traffic Ticket with Traffic School

Most people don’t realize that you can take traffic school online to dismiss your traffic citation. The main benefit of using online traffic school is usually that it can be taken at home at your own schedule. These programs cost considerably less than the ticket and insurance monthly premiums that you’re going to deal with for many years. Find out about online traffic school as well as enroll below.

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