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Find answers to your questions about speeding tickets

Knowing what to do when you get a speeding ticket can be a very tricky and difficult process and for many people many questions surface when you get a speeding ticket. Not only are speeding ticket fines expensive, but the additional costs of your insurance rates, can make speeding tickets much more costly than many people think. In addition knowing if you should take traffic school to dismiss your ticket, fight it in court, or just pay it can be a confusing decision. The more information you have about each option, the cost of your speeding ticket, and how your speeding ticket actually impacts your driving record, the more prepared and able you will be to make the best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding Tickets

In most cases if you do not either appear in court for your speeding ticket or pay the fine by the date indicated on the ticket, then your license will be suspended until you take care of the ticket. Depending of the severity of the traffic ticket, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. This will happen regardless of what state you receive your ticket in.

When you sign a speeding ticket, you are not admitting any guilt. Signing the speeding ticket serves as your promise to either show up in court, pay the fine, or take whatever action deemed necessary by getting the ticket. It is never a good idea to refuse to sign a speeding ticket and can result in more severe penalties or being taken to the police station.

In many states, you have multiple options to pay for your speeding ticket. The easiest way to pay for your ticket is though an automated online speeding ticket payment center. Normally you just need to enter your citation number, personal information, and your credit or check card information. If you do not want to pay for your speeding ticket online, you can usually either mail in your payment or pay in person at the courthouse. Anytime the ticket due date is very close, it is wise to pay online or at the courthouse for immediate processing.

The amount of time that the points from a speeding ticket stay on your record differs from state to state. Generally points stay on your record anywhere from 3-6 years after getting the speeding ticket. This usually results in having to pay more expensive insurance premiums for that entire period of time, especially if this wasn’t your first offense. Using traffic school to dismiss your ticket is a good solution to ensure the points do not show on your record.

The consequences of receiving multiple speeding tickets in one year can be quite severe in most states. First of all, in many states, your license will be suspended if you receive 3 or more tickets in one year. The length of your license suspension will depend on how many tickets you have and the severity of each ticket. Furthermore, getting multiple speeding tickets or traffic tickets will have serious implications for your auto insurance rates. According to recent research, getting just 3 tickets will increase your insurance rate by upwards of 50%. Since those tickets stay on your record for years to come, that means a substantial expense. For example, if your auto insurance is $100 monthly, and you receive 3 speeding tickets in one year, your monthly insurance rate will increase to $150 monthly. If those points stay on your record for 6 years, as they do in many states, you will pay an extra $600 yearly, for a total of $3600 across those 6 years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding Ticket Fines

Most people consider speeding ticket fines to be very expensive. Although the costs differ from state to state and from ticket to ticket, they can easily cost in excess of $250 for just the fine itself. The fines also normally increase for more serious speeding tickets (i.e. driving 20+ mph over the limit) and also for people who have multiple tickets on their records. You also have to pay court and processing fines when you get a ticket which will increase the fine. Finally, since your insurance rates will increase when you get a speeding ticket, sometimes for as long as 6 years, you end up paying for that mistake for years to come.

There are actually many ways that you can try to reduce your speeding ticket fine. The easiest way to do this is asking the court for permission to take a traffic school course and the completing one online or in person. In most states, taking a traffic school course can lower or eliminate the fine, avoid have points added to your record, and/or avoid insurance rate hikes. Additionally, you can in many cases reduce your speeding ticket fine by fighting the ticket in court. Many people find that their fines are reduced or even dismissed completely when they fight their ticket. This is especially true when people employ lawyers or ticket fighting agencies.

Unfortunately in most states, when you get a speeding ticket or any traffic ticket, you will get points added to your driving record. These points normally stay on your record for 3-6 years and will cause your insurance rates to increase. The points also may trigger more expensive speeding ticket fines if you get another ticket in the future.

In many cases, courts charge additional fees to process your ticket. Unfortunately these fees are unavoidable and are simply an added cost to getting a speeding ticket. Many time the court and processing fees can add an additional $75-$150 to your speeding ticket fine. If you are not sure if there are court or processing fees, reach out to your court.

Luckily today, many courts allow you to pay your speeding ticket online with an automated system. This web address is normally on the back of the speeding ticket. You will need to enter your complete citation number, personal information, and a method of payment. However, always make sure to consider traffic school or fighting your ticket before just paying your ticket. Your insurance rates will increase for years to come and the true expense of the traffic ticket can be much more than you realize.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dismissing a Ticket

The cost of traffic school to dismiss a ticket can vary greatly from state to state. In most states it costs somewhere between $25-$50 for most traffic school and defensive driving courses. To learn exactly how much it costs in your state, visit your state dismiss a ticket page.

Each and every state has it’s own rules and regulations regarding how long a traffic school course will last. With that said, most courses are around 4 hours. Many people report that when they take an online traffic school course, they can finish faster, especially if they are familiar with the laws in their state.

Taking a traffic school course has many benefits for someone who has received a speeding ticket or traffic ticket. The first and usually most important benefit is that when you complete the course successfully, you will not receive points on your driving record and therefore not see your insurance rates rise. Additionally, taking a traffic school course will help you refresh your knowledge of safe driving, which can help you avoid accidents and tickets in the future. Finally, completing a traffic school course may help you maintain your clean driving record which usually results in multiple discounts from insurance companies.

Yes, and in fact it can be a very smart thing to do for many people. Many insurance companies will reward drivers who complete a traffic school course successfully with a discount of up to 15% on their car insurance rates. That can be over a $150 annual savings on average for taking a quick, fun, and simple course. If you would like to take an insurance discount traffic school course, first call your insurance company to find out if they will accept the course, then register. When you finish the course, send your completion certificate into your insurer.

There are many benefits to using an online course instead of an in person course to dismiss your speeding ticket. First and foremost, when you dismiss your ticket online, you can set your own schedule and complete the course at your own pace. You are able to sign in and out as you please. Additionally, you do not have to spend time and money traveling to and from a brick and mortar traffic school class. Finally, many people report that online traffic school courses, like the one we recommend, are much more interesting, entertaining, and quicker than traditional course.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fighting A Ticket

Absolutely! According to most research over 50% win their court cases when they fight their ticket. This number is believed to be even higher when you use a professional ticket fighting agency or lawyer who has experience fighting and beating a ticket. These professional aids also are not as expensive as people think and many start for as low as $75. Compared to the long term cost of a speeding ticket and insurance rates, that is relatively inexpensive.

It actually is much less expensive than many people think to hire a lawyer or professional ticket fighting agency to beat your ticket. You can find professional help for as little as $75 in many cases. It can be smart to use a professional with experience because they will know exactly what to do to beat your ticket and win. Many times these agencies can fight your ticket without every stepping foot in a courtroom.

There are actually lots of reasons that people win their cases when they fight a ticket. Perhaps the most well known reason is when the officer who wrote your ticket doesn’t show up for court. Additionally, if you have evidence that you were not speeding or that the conditions were different than what is written on the ticket, you can win. Finally, many professional ticket fighting agencies and lawyers know exactly how to prepare a case that will win for your particular ticket. They can fight it before ever having to go to a courtroom and win in many cases.

Trial by Declaration is an option available in many states that allows you to fight your ticket by writing. To fight your ticket using this method, you prepare a written case that you send into the court. From there a judge makes a decision about whether you are guilty or innocent. In many cases, trial by declaration, is a method that lawyers and ticket fighting agencies use successfully to fight a ticket without having to go to court.

There are a few different ways to fight your ticket depending on what state you live in. The most common way to fight a speeding ticket is to show up in court on the day listed on your ticket, and present your case on your own to the judge. You can also hire a lawyer or ticket fighting agency to do this for you. The second option is to use Trial By Declaration, basically a written defense, that you would send in before your court date. This option is also something you can complete on your own or with professional assistance.