Most people get a speeding ticket at one time or another and taking a speeding ticket class is one to reduce the negative consequences of getting that ticket. A speeding ticket class, commonly known as traffic school or defensive driving in most states, is a course designed to refresh your knowledge of safe driving practices. In many states, upon successful completion of a speeding ticket class, you can dismiss your speeding ticket. This means that your insurance rates will not increase because points will not be added to your driving record. Most speeding ticket classes last between 4-6 hours and cost around $35. This is incredibly cheap when compared to the hundreds of dollars you will pay in more expensive insurance for years to come.

Benefits of a Speeding Ticket Class

There are two key benefits to taking a speeding ticket class to dismiss a ticket – avoiding points on your driving record and keeping your insurance rates the same. Normally when you receive a ticket, if you decide to simply pay it, you will have between 2-6 points added to your driving record in most states. These points will then impact your insurance rates. Having just one speeding ticket can cause your rates to increase by over 20%. When you take a speeding ticket class, you can avoid those consequences.

How to Take a Speeding Ticket Class

Taking a speeding ticket class, also known as traffic school or defensive driving, is very simple.

Step 1: Contact the Court

The first thing to do before registering for a speeding ticket class is to make sure your court will permit you to take one. Sometimes, the officer will let you know you can when you are given the ticket, but many times you will need to call the court and ask if you can take a speeding ticket class or traffic school to dismiss your ticket.

Step 2: Find a DMV Approved Speeding Ticket Class

Once you know you can take a speeding ticket class, the next thing is to find one that is approved by the court and DMV. Your court may have a list of these providers or you can check on their websites. Our online course is approved by most state DMVs.

Step 3: Complete the Speeding Ticket Class

Now it is just time to complete the speeding ticket course. You may have to take a exam at the end of the course in order to pass. The follow the instructions carefully to either send in or bring in your certificate of completion.