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If you have recently been given a traffic ticket you know just how expensive even one traffic ticket can be. In most states the average traffic ticket fine is well over $100, and on top of that there are court processing fees and higher insurance premiums. In fact the average state court processing fees add an additional $100 or more to the ticket fine and insurance costs increase over %20 for just one traffic violation. Twenty percent may not seem like a lot but over the course of five years, which is the average length of time points stay on your driving record, that adds an additional $1200 to a $100 per month insurance policy. Choose your state below to find out exactly how much your ticket will cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding Ticket Fines

Most people consider speeding ticket fines to be very expensive. Although the costs differ from state to state and from ticket to ticket, they can easily cost in excess of $250 for just the fine itself. The fines also normally increase for more serious speeding tickets (i.e. driving 20+ mph over the limit) and also for people who have multiple tickets on their records. You also have to pay court and processing fines when you get a ticket which will increase the fine. Finally, since your insurance rates will increase when you get a speeding ticket, sometimes for as long as 6 years, you end up paying for that mistake for years to come.

There are actually many ways that you can try to reduce your speeding ticket fine. The easiest way to do this is asking the court for permission to take a traffic school course and the completing one online or in person. In most states, taking a traffic school course can lower or eliminate the fine, avoid have points added to your record, and/or avoid insurance rate hikes. Additionally, you can in many cases reduce your speeding ticket fine by fighting the ticket in court. Many people find that their fines are reduced or even dismissed completely when they fight their ticket. This is especially true when people employ lawyers or ticket fighting agencies.

Unfortunately in most states, when you get a speeding ticket or any traffic ticket, you will get points added to your driving record. These points normally stay on your record for 3-6 years and will cause your insurance rates to increase. The points also may trigger more expensive speeding ticket fines if you get another ticket in the future.

In many cases, courts charge additional fees to process your ticket. Unfortunately these fees are unavoidable and are simply an added cost to getting a speeding ticket. Many time the court and processing fees can add an additional $75-$150 to your speeding ticket fine. If you are not sure if there are court or processing fees, reach out to your court.

Luckily today, many courts allow you to pay your speeding ticket online with an automated system. This web address is normally on the back of the speeding ticket. You will need to enter your complete citation number, personal information, and a method of payment. However, always make sure to consider traffic school or fighting your ticket before just paying your ticket. Your insurance rates will increase for years to come and the true expense of the traffic ticket can be much more than you realize.

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