Washington Speeding Ticket

Learn about Washington speeding tickets, points, and how to dismiss your WA speeding ticket

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No one wants to get a speeding ticket but at some point or another the majority of us do. On top of that, the effects for a Washington speeding ticket are a lot a lot more than having to pay a fine. The first secret fees comes with the fine. To honestly know what a speeding ticket fine will cost you, you must add about $100 worth of court and processing charges. Also, in Washington, should you be given a speeding citation you’re going to get tickets listed on your record. Having these tickets put onto your record will cause more pricey insurance rates. Actually, as outlined by recent data, a single speeding citation can increase your insurance fees by around 20% and acquiring three speeding or traffic tickets against your record, can increase your car insurance rates as much as 50%. Pair that with the fact that speeding citations stay with your driving record for 5 years and this will become incredibly pricey.

Washington Speeding Ticket and Points

Many states in the country use a point system, but Washington does not. However, that does not mean that tickets don’t matter. In fact each and every ticket or traffic violation is added to your driving record and will cause your insurance rates to increase and also can bring about license suspension.

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How to Enroll in Washington Traffic School

To avoid high priced auto insurance rates and points on your driver record, follow these steps to dismiss your citation with Washington traffic school. Using Washington traffic school is a snap.

Step 1: Contact the Court

The first thing is asking the court if you possible could take traffic school to dismiss your violation. The info to get hold of the court will likely be on the citation.

Step 2: Find a DMV Approved Washington Traffic School

After you have gotten court consent, search for a state authorized traffic school training course. Folks generally pick online traffic school so they can complete it from their home. Then simply sign up for the traffic school program.

Step 3:Complete the Traffic School Course

Take and conclude the Washington traffic school course. Using our recommended Washington online traffic school program you can take the course from the convenience of your own home, on any computer, and sign in and out as you please. Also, you will be able to take the final exam as many times as you need until you pass.

Step 4: Deliver Your Traffic School Certificate of Completion

Once you finish the training course, you will receive a certificate of completion to dismiss your violation. You need to either deliver this to the court or bring it it based on the state.